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Toward a Node World Order (Audio Version)

Toward a Node World Order (Audio Version)

How bitcoin obsoletes inflation and promotes human flourishing

This is the audio version of the post “Toward a Node World Order,” narrated by Guy Swann of Bitcoin Audible.

00:16 Welcome
00:35 Introduction
04:14 The Origins of Money
06:46 The State and its Motivation
11:50 Gold Didn’t Fix This
19:44 The Fiat World Order
22:34 Bitcoin Fixes This
34:41 Bitcoin Nodes and Methodological Individualism
42:51 Bitcoin is Not Optional
44:39 The Establishment of a Bitcoin World Order
52:24 A Bitcoin Strategy for World Peace

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This essay was originally published in The Bitcoin Times, No. 5: The Austrian Edition, now available digitally and in a limited collector’s edition print here. Use the code “Bitstein” for 40,000 sats off.

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